• Certificate of Completion

    All courses in the Udemy for Business content collection come with a Udemy certificate of completion.

    When all lectures have been completed, a gold or green trophy will appear on the course dashboard, signifying that the certificate of completion is ready for download. Click on the trophy to view the certificate.


    The certificate will look something like this:



    Udemy is not an accredited institution, but we offer skills-based courses taught by experts in their field.

    **Some of these features may not be available in your UFB account.


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  • Issues Contacting the Instructor

    Send a Message to the Instructor

    If you have any questions or comments about the course materials you can send the instructor a message. Please note: messaging is not yet available on the Udemy for Business app.

    If You're Already Enrolled in the Course

    You can message an instructor from the course dashboard:

    1. From My Courses, click on the course that you have a question about
    2. On the left hand side of the page, click on Overview, and scroll down. You will see the instructor's profile at the bottom of the page. Click on the instructor's name and you will be directed to their profile page.
    3. Hit Send message. You will be taken to your inbox.
    4. Compose message and click Send.



    If You're Not Enrolled in the Course

    ​If you're browsing courses and want to ask a question before you enroll, send the instructor a question from the course landing page.

    1. Scroll down to the About the Instructor section on the course landing page
    2. Click on the instructor's name and you will directed to the their profile
    3. Click on Send Message
    4. Type your message and hit Send


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  • Leaving and Editing a Course Review

    Rating your experience in a course is an easy way to give instructors feedback on how to improve and to help other users select the right course. You can leave a review at any time after starting the course. After leaving a review, you will always have the ability to edit or delete it.

    How to Leave a Review

    There are three places you can go to leave a review:

    1. From the course cards on your My Courses page
    2. From the course dashboard by clicking on the course’s star ratings
    3. With the in-course prompt: while viewing the course you will be prompted to leave a review three times (beginning, middle, and end). If you do not wish to leave a review when you’re prompted, you can click on Ask Me Later.

    What to Include in Your Review

    Whether you decide to leave a review after you’ve been prompted, or you initiate the review yourself, the process is the same.

    1. Click on the stars to leave a rating (half-stars are supported)
    2. Leave a detailed review explaining your experiences
    3. Provide additional feedback by answering the questions regarding the course’s attributes
    4. Click Submit Your Review


    Edit or Delete a Review

    You can change your course review at any time from the course dashboard.

    1. Click the star rating in the upper right-hand corner of the course dashboard
    2. Make the desired changes
    3. Click Update Your Review
    4. If you would like to delete your review, click Delete Your Review

    Your review will be visible to users who are unenrolled in the course. If you would like to see your review, as it appears to new users, log out of your Udemy account and search for the course in the marketplace.

    Tips for Writing a Good Review

    Here are a few things you should keep in mind when writing a review for a course:

    Tell us why. In addition to leaving a star rating, please share your thoughts.  Your opinion about the course is valuable to other learners, but when only a star rating is left, it’s difficult for other users to understand why you left the rating that you did.   

    Be specific. Specificity helps other learners determine if the course is right for them.  Are there any areas of improvement?  Did the course meet your expectations? What are your favorite parts of the course so far?   

    And Be Honest!  Reviews are one of the most important features that people consider before enrolling in a course.  However, reviews are only valuable if you’re honest about how you feel about the course.  As long as you share your sentiment in a respectful manner, your feedback is valuable and helpful to our learning marketplace.

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  • Posting Questions to the Instructor

    Each Udemy course contains a question and answers section, where you can ask the instructor questions about the course. You can quickly view answers the instructor has posted, ask your own question, or read and respond to comments other users have made.

    Posting a Question

    There are two ways to search for existing questions and post new ones.

    Ask a Question in the Lecture Player

    • If a question comes to mind while you’re viewing or reading a course lecture, you can access the Q&A, by clicking on Browse Q&A at the bottom of the lecture player. This will bring up the Q&A on the right hand side.
    • Next, you will see the Search for a question section at the top right. Type your question in that section, and if another user has asked this question before, it will appear below. Question and answers containing the same words will also appear.
    • If no one has asked your question in the past, then click on the green Ask a new question. Please note that in order to ask a new question, text must be entered into the Search for a question box.


    Ask a Question on the Course Dashboard

    The other way to access the Q&A is to do so while you’re on the course dashboard. On the course dashboard, you can see Q&A as the third tab on the page. If you click on it you will see the questions board.

    The Q&A here works the same way as it does in the lecture player. You can search for a certain question or words by entering it in the search for question box.

    With the dashboard view, you can also sort by relevancy and sort by popularity filters.


    Follow a Question and its Responses

    By using the Q&A on the course dashboard, you can also prioritize questions and responses you wish to monitor, by using the Follow Responses option. When a user or instructor posts a response, we’ll send you a notification.

    To stop following a question and the thread of responses, click on Following Responses.

    Mark an Answer as Helpful or Read the Top Answer

    If you find an answer or comment informative and useful, you can indicate this to other users, by clicking on Mark as helpful. The original poster of the question and the instructor can also mark answers as the top answer by clicking Mark as top answer. Only one answer can be marked as "top answer".

    Edit or Delete a Question or Comment

    If you need to edit your question or comment in the Q&A, or wish to delete it, click on the three dots that appear at the top right hand of your post. 

    Either the user who posted the question, or the course instructor, can delete the post.



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  • Change Video Speed

    You have the option to play your lectures at different speeds (.5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x or 2x).

    To change the speed of a particular lecture video, go to that lecture, and drag your mouse over the video. You will see a button in the bottom-left corner of the video giving you the option to change the speed.


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  • Downloading Supplemental Resources

    Many instructors choose to include supplemental resources with their course like PDFs, design templates, sheet music or source code. These resources can be downloaded to your computer for quick access.

    If a lecture has downloadable materials available it will be noted in the curriculum on the course dashboard:


    You will also be notified if a lecture has downloadable resources in the lecture player. If the lecture includes these, you will see Resources available on the left hand side when you begin viewing it. If you click on the blue envelope the curriculum and downloadable resources will appear. You can download the file by clicking on the resource's title.


    If you're having trouble accessing the file, or if something doesn't look right, please contact the instructor or support.



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  • Video Playback Issues

    If the video lecture is not loading, try the following steps to resolve the most common video loading issues.


    1. Refresh your browser.
    2. Quit your browser and re-open it.
    3. Log out of Udemy for Business and log back in.
    4. Clear your browser's cookies and cache. Be sure to restart your browser before trying again
    5. Restart your computer and your modem
    6. Check your browser version and update if outdated.
    7. Try a different browser, like Google Chrome.
    8. Try a different device or computer if possible
    9. Turn off hardware acceleration (in Firefox or on Windows).
    10. Try lowering the video quality of the lecture
    11. Take a note of your browser extensions/plugins/firewall programs. Is there anything that could be interfering with the streaming of the videos? We recommend testing with an incognito window to troubleshoot.
    12. Test your internet connection's speed

    If you're still having trouble, it's possible that there's something wrong with the video file. Please send a message to the instructor and contact UFB Support. When contacting support, please include:

    • Your browser version
    • Your OS (Windows 7, Mac OS X, etc.)
    • The course URL and lecture number
    • Your internet connection speed test results
    • The resolution you were watching the video lecture at (ie - 720p, 480p etc)
    • A screenshot or screencast of the problem. The more information you can provide, the faster we'll be able to resolve the issues you're encountering on our site.
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  • How do I Archive or Unenroll From a Course?

    You can remove a course from your My Courses page by moving it to the Archive section, or, if you're not interested in completing the course, you can unenroll from it. The steps below will show you how.

    Archiving a course

    Archiving a course removes it from the My Courses page, but you will still be able to access the class in the archived section. In other words, you will not be unenrolled from a course if you archive it.

    Archive from the course dashboard

    1. Click Options on the right-hand side of the page
    2. Click Archive this course

    The archived course will appear under the Archived section of My Courses.

    Archive from My Courses

    You can also quickly archive courses from the My Courses page.

    1. Click on the vertical ellipses on the course card
    2. Click Archive

    The archived course will appear under the Archived section of My Courses.


    If you decide to unarchive a course and want to return it to My Courses, you can access the unarchive option, by following the same steps outlined above.

    Note: Archiving a course will not automatically unsubscribe you from instructor emails about the course. If you'd like to opt-out of these emails, please manually adjust your course email settings.

    Unenroll from a course

    If you do not want to complete a course, and are certain you will not need to access the course moving forward, you can unenroll from it. If you unenroll from a course, you will no longer receive any email notifications for it.

    To unenroll from a course:

    1. Click Options on the right-hand side of the course dashboard
    2. Click Unenroll from course


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  • How do I Opt Out of Instructor Announcement Emails?

    Many instructors send announcements and updates regarding new lectures and content relevant to their course. If you do not want to receive these messages, you can opt out from the Course Dashboard. Click on Options on the right-hand side, and a dropdown menu with the option to unsubscribe from these announcements will appear.



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