• SSO Login Troubleshooting

    In this article we will describe possible reasons why you’re having issues accessing your Udemy for Business account, via a single sign-on login (SSO). 

    There could be a couple of reasons why you’re seeing an error message when logging in through SSO: 

    • You were not assigned access to Udemy for Business by your administrator.
    • There is some sort of technical problem.

    Access Authorization 

    Users who are assigned access to Udemy for Business are either invited via an email invitation, or are given instructions to join via Sign Sign On (SSO). If you haven’t received an invitation to Udemy for Business, please contact your company’s learning manager.

    Technical Problems on Android Devices

    If you are having any difficulty accessing the Udemy for Business mobile app, or your Udemy for Business account from a mobile web browser, please set Google Chrome as the default browser on your device to see if that resolves the issue.

    To set Chrome as the default browser please follow the steps outlined here. Once you do that, try to access your account via SSO once more. If you are still unable to login, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

    Technical Problems

    If you’re experiencing technical problems, however, please contact the Udemy for Business support team. When you contact the support team, please include a screenshot of the error message you are seeing.

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  • I Have a Login Issue

    This article will guide you through troubleshooting login issues for your Udemy for Business account. If you are seeking information on joining or signing in to your account for the first time, click here. If you are unsure if you have a Udemy for Business account, please follow the steps here.

    Logging in with email and password

    If you are having trouble logging in with your credentials, follow the steps here to try resetting your password. We recommend doing so from an incognito or private browsing window to avoid any caching or extension related issues. If you aren’t receiving the email, be sure to check your junk or spam folder.

    If your company's firewalls are generally restrictive (certain, commonly used sites are blocked), you will need to allowlist the following emails from Udemy for Business to ensure operation of the password reset function:

    • a) udemy.com
    • b) email.udemy.com 
    • c) e.udemymail.com

    Logging in with single sign-on (SSO)

    If your company has enabled single sign-on (SSO) you can access your Udemy for Business account via your SSO provider (e.g. Okta, OneLogin, etc). Alternatively, you can navigate to your company’s custom URL (i.e., {yourcompany}.udemy.com) and follow the prompts.

    If you receive any error message when attempting to log in via SSO, please contact your IT department to ensure that you have been provisioned access to Udemy for Business.

    Additional assistance

    If you continue to have any issues with logging in to your Udemy for Business account, please click here to contact our support team.

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