• SSO Login Troubleshooting

    In this article we will describe possible reasons why you’re having issues accessing your Udemy for Business account, via a single sign-on login (SSO). 

    There could be a couple of reasons why you’re seeing an error message when logging in through SSO: 

    • You were not assigned access to Udemy for Business by your administrator.
    • There is some sort of technical problem. 

    Access Authorization

    Users who are assigned access to Udemy for Business are either invited via an email invitation, or are given instructions to join via Sign Sign On (SSO). If you haven’t received an invitation to Udemy for Business, please contact your company’s learning manager.

    Technical Problems

    If you’re experiencing technical problems, however, please contact the Udemy for Business support team. When you contact the support team, please include a screenshot of the error message you are seeing.

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  • Video Playback Problems

    If the video lecture is not loading, try the following steps to resolve the most common video loading issues.


    1. Refresh your browser.
    2. Quit your browser and re-open it.
    3. Log out of Udemy for Business and log back in.
    4. Clear your browser's cookies and cache. Be sure to restart your browser before trying again
    5. Restart your computer and your modem
    6. Check your browser version and update if outdated.
    7. Try a different browser, like Google Chrome.
    8. Try a different device or computer if possible
    9. Turn off hardware acceleration (in Firefox or on Windows).
    10. Try lowering the video quality of the lecture
    11. Take a note of your browser extensions/plugins/firewall programs. Is there anything that could be interfering with the streaming of the videos? We recommend testing with an incognito window to troubleshoot.
    12. Test your internet connection's speed

    If you're still having trouble, it's possible that there's something wrong with the video file. Please send a message to the instructor and contact Udemy for Business Support. When contacting support, please include:

    • Your browser version
    • Your OS (Windows 7, Mac OS X, etc.)
    • The course URL and lecture number
    • Your internet connection speed test results
    • The resolution you were watching the video lecture at (ie - 720p, 480p etc)
    • A screenshot or screencast of the problem. The more information you can provide, the faster we'll be able to resolve the issues you're encountering on our site.
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  • I Have a Login Issue

    You will receive instructions from your account administrator on how to join Udemy for Business.

    If your company has enabled Single Sign On (SSO) you can access your Udemy for Business account via your SSO provider (e.g. Okta, OneLogin, etc). Otherwise, you will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to log in. There will be a specific URL custom to your organization that you’ll use go access your account.

    If your company's firewalls are generally restrictive (certain commonly used sites are blocked), you will need to white-list the following emails from Udemy to ensure operation of the password reset function:

    • a) udemy.com
    • b) email.udemy.com 
    • c) e.udemymail.com
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