• Facebook Workplace Integration FAQ

    What is Facebook Workplace?

    Facebook Workplace is Facebook’s collaboration space to help businesses work together and communicate better. This collaborative feature is available for any Udemy for Business organization that also has a Facebook Workplace account. The integration can be enabled by an admin for your Udemy for Business account.

    Main features include:

    Communication: instant messaging, HD video and voice calls for 1:1 or group conversations.

    Groups: shared spaces for teams to work on projects or collaborate with other organizations.

    News Feed: post and stay up to date with important company updates

    Integrations: connect Facebook Workplace with top software providers (list of partners)

    How does the Udemy for Business integration with Facebook Workplace work?

    Your organization will need to have  a Facebook Workplace account in order to activate this integration. The integration can be enabled by an admin for your Udemy for Business account (please see below).

    Share Button: A button labelled ‘Share to Workplace’ is now available on Course Landing Pages, the Continue Widget and the Course Dashboard. This will initiate a standard Facebook/Workplace share dialog in a window.



    Udemybot: This bot will post a weekly message that features the top 5 courses taken to any selected group.

    Users can Save, Hide, or Unfollow the weekly Udemybot posts from their Workplace account.

    Users can also Save, Hide, or Unfollow members and messages from their Workplace wall.


    I don’t see a ‘Share to Workplace’ button this in my Udemy for Business account; how do I enable it?

    If you have admin privileges in your Udemy for Business account, you can enable the integration by following these steps:

    1. Go to Manage > Integration
    2. Turn on Facebook Workplace integration
    3. Enable  the Udemybot for a weekly post featuring the top 5 courses learned in your Workplace

    If your account does not have the Facebook Workplace Integration activated, and you would like to request that it be enabled, please contact the admin for your Udemy for Business account.


    What does the share integration look like?


     Can users share courses from Udemy.com to Facebook Workplace?

    The new Facebook Workplace share button is not part of the Udemy marketplace. Users can manually copy links and share them on Facebook Workplace though, just like they have always been able to do.

    What happens to users who click Udemy for Business courses who don’t have access to our company’s Udemy for Business account?

    The user will be able to see the Course Landing Page but will not be able to enroll in the course. They will need to contract their account’s admin to request access.

    How can I customize the messages posted by Udemybot?

    We do not currently support any customizing the message; however, we may add customization options in future releases. If you would like to request that this option become available in the future, please submit a feature request here. 

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  • Finding Courses

    The keyword search will look for keywords in the course title, subtitle and instructor name. For example, if you are looking for an Excel 2016 course, type in ‘Excel 2016’ instead of ‘Excel’.

    If you previously searched for a course and can no longer find it, please visit our New and Retired Courses article for more information.

    If you are searching for a business or technology related topic that you can’t find in the collection, you can submit a course suggestion using the form below. Please note that this form submits suggestions for courses to be added to the general Udemy for Business collection, which is available to all Udemy for Business users, not just users in your company's account. After you submit your recommendation, our Content team will assess your suggestion based on a number of criteria, such as course ratings, user engagement and demand from all of our customers. The Content Team will notify you of our decision whether to approve, or deny your suggestion, within 2 weeks. Submit a course suggestion here.

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  • Video Viewing Issues

    If you’re encountering issues while attempting to watch your courses on a browser, please try the troubleshooting tips below. Following these steps can resolve many of the common issues related to video playback.

    Please note that a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbit or 800kbps is required to watch a Udemy for Business course on your device. The rest of our system requirements are listed here.

    Streaming Issues (ie: the video keeps loading / buffering)

    Blank Screen

    • Refresh your browser
    • Quit your browser and re-open it
    • Clear your browser's cookies and cache. Be sure to restart your browser before trying again
    • Try a different browser, like Google Chrome
    • Take a note of your browser extensions/plugins/firewall programs. Is there anything that could be interfering with the streaming of the videos? We recommend testing with an incognito window to troubleshoot
    • Log out of Udemy and log back in
    • Restart your computer and network devices (modems/switches/routers)
    • Check your browser version and update it if needed
    • Try a different device or computer if possible
    • Turn off hardware acceleration (in Firefox or on Windows)

    No Audio

    • Refresh your browser
    • Quit your browser and re-open it
    • Log out of Udemy and log back in
    • Clear your browser's cookies and cache. Be sure to restart your browser before trying again
    • Take a note of your browser extensions/plugins/firewall programs and adblockers. Is there anything that could be interfering with the audio? We recommend testing with an incognito window to troubleshoot
    • Check to see if you’re encountering audio issues while viewing videos on other sites like Vimeo or YouTube. If you still can’t hear anything, check the sound settings on your device
    • Check to see if other lectures in the course are producing sound

    Other lecture types: If you can't hear anything, it's also possible that the lectures do not have sound. Instructors can create text based lectures or lectures that feature PDF slides that do not include audio.

    If you're still having trouble, it's possible that there's something wrong with the video file. Please send a message to the instructor and contact UFB Support. When contacting support, please include:

    • Your browser version
    • Your OS (Windows 7, Mac OS X, etc.)
    • The course URL and lecture number
    • Your internet connection speed test results
    • The resolution you were watching the video lecture at (ie - 720p, 480p etc)
    • A screenshot or screencast of the problem. The more information you can provide, the faster we'll be able to resolve the issues you're encountering on our site.

    Please note: currently the operating system for Chromebook machines are not fully supported by our video player. If you encounter video playback issues while using a Chromebook, and none of the troubleshooting steps above resolve the problem, please contact our support team. They will do their best to resolve the issue for you.


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  • Getting Help

    The best and quickest way for your users to get assistance with any technical issues they experience within your account is to file a ticket with our Customer Support team. A member of our support team can help troubleshoot the issue.

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  • Log-In Issues

    If your users are unable to login after being invited into your Udemy for Business account, first have them reset their password. If that does not work, ask the affected user to submit a support ticket, and a member of our support team will respond within 24 hours.

    If you have setup Single Sign On (SSO) for Udemy, please contact your organization’s IT department to ensure users have been given access to Udemy via your SSO provider.

    If your company's firewalls are generally restrictive (certain commonly used sites are blocked), you will need to white-list the following emails from Udemy to ensure operation of the password reset function:

    • a) udemy.com
    • b) email.udemy.com 
    • c) e.udemymail.com
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