• Course Insights (Enterprise Plan Only)

    The Enterprise Plan includes our Course Insights Dashboard, which provides you with a comprehensive view of the courses your users are learning. Here you can review and sort by the total number of course enrollments, assigned users, active users and minutes per active user in each course.

    You can access the dashboard by clicking Course Insights in the Manage dropdown menu at the top, and you can also filter by using the Course name search tool, or by a group in your account.


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  • User Activity (Enterprise Plan Only)

    One of the insights features that is available to Enterprise Plan Users is the User Activity Dashboard, which provides you with a macro view of how active users are in their Udemy for Business accounts. By clicking User Activity from the Manage drop down menu, you can review several activity metrics for your account, and export user activity and trend activity reports.

    Some of the user activity metrics that are featured on this dashboard include total activity, average activity per user, average activity per active user, and active user base. In addition, the activity trend chart and the most active users are listed here.


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  • User Adoption Dashboard Details

    The User Adoption Dashboard helps you understand how many and which users in your organization have logged in to your Udemy for Business account and started using it.

    Review these insights regularly to understand which users are not yet learning in Udemy for Business and encourage them to get started.

    The information in this dashboard is updated every 24 hours. However, the Pending Invitations data is using live data so you may notice some differences in the numbers reported in this case.

    Invitations Sent

    These users have either accepted an invitation and joined your Udemy for Business account or still have a pending invitation. Cancelled invitations are not included.

    Users that drop out of the adoption funnel after this are the users that have not yet accepted their invitations. You might want to send them a reminder or resend their invitations.

    Details of invitations sent, and users who have not accepted their invitations is not shown for accounts that have SSO login enabled.

    % of Users Have Joined

    These users have accepted their invitation to join your Udemy for Business account and have already logged in at least once.

    Users that drop out of the adoption funnel after this are the users that have logged in at least once and have not yet enrolled in a course. You may wish to assign or recommend a course to help them get started.

    % of Users Have Enrolled in Their First Course

    These users have enrolled in at least one course. The course may have been assigned to them or it may have been something they found and selected themselves.

    Users that drop out of the adoption funnel after this are users that have enrolled in at least one course, but have not yet completed their first lecture. It might be worth sending them some encouragement.

    % of Users Have Completed Their First Lecture

    These users have completed their first lecture.

    We encourage you to view the User Activity and Course Activity Dashboards (not available for Team Plan customers) to get additional insight on your users’ learning and engagement activity.

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  • How to Generate and Download a Report

    Under Manage --> Data Export Reports, you have three reports you can download.

    • User Activity Report: Get information at the user level (e.g. how many courses has each user enrolled in, learning time per user, etc). View your top learners across your company or by specific group.
    • User Course Activity Report: Get information at the course level. Understand the courses individuals and groups are learning and sort by active users, minute per active user, and enrollments.
    • User Progress Report: Get information at the lecture level. This is our most granular report and you'll see quiz results for example.

    To download your report(s) you can follow the steps below:

    1. Select the report type you wish to export by clicking on the applicable radio button. 


    2. Choose the users you want to include. You can select to view your data by all users or by users in groups.


    3. Specify the timeframe and click on Generate Report.  The current day and future dates cannot be selected.    

    *Note: Data generated will be dependent on the time you run a report. For example, if you generate a report on 1/3/18 before 5pm GMT, it will include data up to 1/1/2018. If you generate a report on 1/3/18 after 5pm GMT, however, it will include data up to 1/2/2018.


    Once your report has been generated and is ready to be exported, you will receive an email notifying you of this.

    Please note: the hours recorded for a specific user in Course Activity and User Activity reports will not typically match, since they provide different metrics.  

    For example, a specific user starts taking a course which is 6 hours long. On Monday, they watch one hour of the course, and on Tuesday, they watch the same 1 hour again. In this case, the user spent 2 hours learning on Udemy for Business that week, and this would be reflected in the User Activity Report.

    The report does not take into account, however, playback speed when calculating this number. If the user watched 2 hours of content in 1 hour, by viewing the content at 2x speed, the report would reflect they spent 2 hours viewing the course.

    In the Course Activity Report, however, it would report the user viewed 1 hour of a 6 hour-long course, since they watched the same hour of the course on Monday and Tuesday.

    User Groups Column

    Data Export Reports feature a User Groups column which display all groups that a user is part of. Admins and Group Admins are able to easily see group membership details when exporting user reports, including 'all users' within a group. Groups are not present in the Reporting API, but customers can use our User API to get group data. In addition, when exporting reports, the list of groups is scrollable for easier selection.

    First Date Complete Column

    Course Activity Reports feature a First Date Completed column, which records the date the course was first completed by the learner. As a result, if the instructor adds new lectures or content, the date and time stamp won't be lost. If the learner completes the extra content it will be recorded as "Date Completed". The column is present in both the csv and the Reporting API.

    Deleting a Report

    If you wish to delete a report you have previously generated, you can do so by following these steps:

    1. Scroll down the Export Data Reports page to Recent Reports
    2. Click on the trashcan icon beside the report you wish to delete
    3. Confirm you wish to delete the report


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  • What Reports and Dashboards are Available?

    We have a few insights dashboards and reports you can view and download to understand how people in your company are learning.

    Under Manage --> Data Export Reports, you have three reports you can download to obtain raw consumption data. For more details click here.

    Under Manage User Adoption you’ll see how many and which users in your organization have adopted the Udemy Learning account and have started using it (this dashboard is available to Team plan users). For more details click here.

    Under ManageCourse Insights you’ll understand more about what users are learning within the Udemy Learning account. For more details click here.

    Under Manage →  User Activity you’ll understand more about user activity within your Udemy Learning account. For more details click here.

    The information on these dashboards are updated every 24 hours.

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