• Whitelisting Video Streaming Domains

    If your users access the Udemy for Business site from inside the company's network, and they experience significantly degraded performance (i.e., playback delays) while streaming videos, the video streaming domain Udemy for Business utilizes should be whitelisted.

    To ensure your users can view Udemy for Business videos without any issues, please have your organizations’ IT whitelist the following video streaming domain on your network firewalls/gateways: *.udemycdn.com.

    If the issue persists after your organization’s IT has whitelisted these domains, please advise your users still encountering the issue to reach out to Udemy for Business Support and have them provide our team a HAR file. The information in the HAR file will help our engineers in determining what the issue is so they can start working on a resolution.

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  • Whitelisting Emails

    If your company's firewalls are generally restrictive (certain commonly used sites are blocked), you will need to whitelist the following email sending domains from Udemy (and all their subdomains) to ensure delivery of invitation emails and operation of the password reset function:

    • a) udemy.com 
    • b) udemymail.com
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  • Adding Users (Troubleshooting)

    To learn how to invite users, please visit this article.

    If your users are not receiving email invitations to join your account, please have them check their spam folders. If they still do not receive any invitation emails, please have your IT team whitelist the udemy email address to ensure proper delivery of our emails. More info here.

    If users were invited, but didn’t receive the invitation email, they can still create an account by going to your company’s custom Udemy for Business URL (i.e. company.udemy.com) and entering their name and email, and creating a password.

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