• Update Profile

    To edit your profile, including adding your profile's image, move your cursor to your profile avatar at the top right, and click on your name. 


    You can edit your profile page, photo, and other account settings on the Profile & settings page.

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  • Reset Password

    If you access your Udemy account via Single Sign On (SSO), e.g. Okta, OneLogin, etc., please reach out to your company’s IT department with questions regarding your SSO credentials (username and password).

    If you don’t use Single Sign On, you can request a password reset email from the login page of your company’s specific account URL:

    1. Go to your company's Udemy for Business domain page (i.e. companyname.udemy.com) and enter your email address


    2. Click Continue

    3. Next, click Forgot your password?


    4. Enter your email address, click Reset Password and click I’m not a robot. Click Reset Password again.


    You should soon receive an email allowing you to reset your password. Please make sure to check your spam and trash folder if you can't find the email.

    If you haven’t received your password within 30 minutes, please contact Udemy for Business Support.

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  • Can I Merge my Udemy.com and Udemy for Business Accounts?

    No. Since your Udemy for Business account and your personal Udemy marketplace account are treated separately, they cannot be merged. 

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  • How do I Log Into my Udemy for Business Account?

    You will receive instructions from your account administrator on how to join Udemy for Business.

    If your company has enabled Single Sign On (SSO) you can access your Udemy for Business account via your SSO provider (e.g. Okta, OneLogin, etc). Otherwise, you will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to log in. There will be a specific, custom URL for your organization that you’ll use to get access to your account.

    Please note that if you are granted access to your company's account via invitation, your browser needs to be configured to send the HTTP Referer header.

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