• January, 2017: 5 Predictions for Learning in 2017 and 78 Fresh Courses For You!


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    Happy New Year! We’re kicking off 2017 with brand new content to help your employees meet whatever learning goals they've got in the new year. In this update you'll find:

    • An introduction to some of our favorite Udemy for Business instructors
    • Our predictions for workplace learning in 2017
    • The 78 new courses that were added to your learning portal
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    5 Workplace Learning Trends and Predictions for 2017


    To help L&D professionals shape a next-generation learning environment, we took a deep dive into the modern learner to distill key the 5 key workplace learning trends and what to expect in 2017. Take a look at the full report here and explore:

    • Why mobile video on-the-go is the new normal
    • What time of day learning is most likely to occur
    • How millennials are addicted to learning and reshaping L&D
    • Why organizations will shift from a push to pull learning strategy
    • How the business world will begin to get serious about VR
    • ..and much more!

    Meet Our Top Instructors


    Rob is the author of 22 development courses on Udemy and has taught over 300,000 students worldwide, covering 215 countries.

    Udemy for Business offers a one-of-a-kind approach to expert content acquisition and delivery. We utilize the content power of the Udemy marketplace--where 14 million students are taking 40,000 courses from expert instructors around the world--to help your employees acquire the latest skills.

    The key strength to our model is our expert instructor community. Our instructors are subject matter experts and thought leaders that provide a diverse set of engaging learning experiences. Take a few minutes to meet some of our best instructors on Udemy for Business in this short PDF: Meet Our Instructors.

    New and Noteworthy Courses


    Seth Godin's Value Creation Master Class by Seth Godin

    Learn how to ask the right questions, brainstorm innovative ideas, and design projects that succeed with this newly added course from bestselling author and thought leader, Seth Godin. With this master class he challenges you to define the value you’re creating with your next project, offering or business, with a 35-page workbook to help you get there.


    Angular 2 + Rails 5 Bootcamp by Jordan Hudgens 

    Learn to build professional applications that combine the Angular 2 application framework with Rails 5 as a backend. In this 9 hour course, you’ll learn to build three dynamic Angular applications that embrace features such as real time updates, along with the power and flexibility provided by the Rails framework.

    78 New Courses Added

    We will remove courses that do not meet our quality standards on the last day of each month. 

    You can find the courses that are scheduled for removal this month and in future months on our list of “Last Chance” courses.

    You can view newly added courses, however, by clicking here.

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